We are proud to say about our refurbished products and services that our service team provide. Our tools are technology based and equipments in collaboration with service enhances machines efficiency and also provide relevant information to its maintenance. Our service department provides quality replacement of machines. Hence ultrasound machines are available when needed and in excellent working condition.

Refurbishment of ElectroMedical Machines

we understand electro medical machines from very long journey in this field. This ensures us as well as our customers to have full dependency on our service department. They enhance machines efficiency and provide support round the clock.

Refurbishment of ElectroMedical Probes

we manage and refurbish the probes which are an undisputed part of machine world which increase operational efficiency. Our service team focuses on managing them and improving operating performance of your machines.

Consultation for ElectroMedical Machine Setup

our service team provide round the clock full consultation for the setup and maintenance of the electro medical machines. They are just one phone call distance from you to support you for your all ultrasound machinery disabilities and defects.